Smarterik V1 Lightweigt Vacuum Cleaner

Color - Blue

Your go-to vacuum for easy, quick cleanups. Its cordless, lightweight, maneuverable design is perfect for keeping up with everyday messes as they happen. Keep it in the kitchen to help you clean up crumbs after cooking, near the entryway to pick up tracked-in dirt and debris, or any other high traffic area where you frequently sweep or vacuum. The cordless design with up to 25 minutes of runtime makes it convenient to clean up anywhere messes happen in your home.

Is Cordless? No
Voltage 220v
Monitor Rate 400w
Battery Life 45mins
Suction 13.8Kpa
Dust Box Capacity 1L
Net Weight 1.26kg
Flapping Frequency 38k/min
Power Cords Length 4 meters