Smarterik M5 Handheld Allergen Vacuum Cleaner

Color - White
  • [UV Lamp& Safe Design] Highly efficient UV lamp with strong penetrating power, the vacuum cleaner can effectively eliminate over 99% of allergens from fabric surfaces throughout the home, and keep you away from coughing, sneezing and other troubles.Safe three-point UV lamp trigger mode to prevent the leakage of UV rays, will not cause human skin damage and burns.
  • [Powerful Suctions& High Frequency Vibration] The bed vacuum cleaner vibrates 8,000 times per minute, releasing dust, pollen, and dirt that are deep inside the mattress. 12000pa powerful suctions makes the mattress vacuum cleaner easy to vacuum up anything like pet hair and dander. Suitable for a lot of surfaces: such as mattresses, carpets, pillows, rugs, futon, blankets, furniture and more. Noise-canceling design won't disturb sleeping babies or pets.
  • [Easy Use] Ergonomic handle designed, the vacuum cleaner is very convenient to reduce the labor intensity of the palm and arm during use. Corded designed, plug in and work immediately, always provide strong power, no need to worry about pausing due to battery depletion like a cordless vacuum cleaner, avoiding the trouble of incomplete cleaning.
Is Cordless? No
Voltage 220v
Monitor Rate 400W
Suction 12Kpa
Filter HEPA 99.7%
Product Size 30 * 15 * 33cm
Gross Weight 1.3kg
Flapping Frequency 8k/min
Power Cords Length 4 meters