RedKey F10 Foldable Vacuum Cleaner

Does this cordless stick vacuum come with a wall mount?
Hello and thank you for your question about cordless vacuum. This unit does come with a wall mount Have a great day.
Will the vacuum make a lot of noise ?
I was very shocked, I expected a lot of noise, compared to the strong attraction, it is very quiet
What are the advantages of foldable design?
when washing sofa and under beds, no more bending, stooping, or getting down; no more siting on sofas with trash underneath; no more lying on beds with trash underneath
There are two puppies in my house. Is this pet hair vacuum cordless suitable for use?
Yes, this cordless floor cleaner can very well absorb the hair from pets.
Does it pick up dog hair easily? Especially on furniture. Can I vacuum inside my car with this?
Yes! This vacuum comes with many attachment tools so it will meet your needs.
Is this cordless vacuum cleaner good for hw floor cleaning? and how much time can it work?
It did quite well on my hardwood floors. And can pick up almost every single dirt on it, without leaving out a pet hair. It has runtime of about 50 to 60 minutes.
Will this leave scratches on my hardwood floor?
No. I have one floor that’s is all hardwood. I use this vacuum twice a day. I absolutely love it. Light weight and I love there is no cord. No scratches. I’ve had every vacuum ever made.
Does it work well for long hair on carpet?
For the most part yes, I have 5 dogs and it works great.